"All things anomalous"


Anomalous - Deviating from, or inconsistent with, what is standard, normal, or expected. irregular; abnormal; incongruous or inconsistent.

Dictionary dot-coms, like "anomalous.com," are in limited supply these days, which means they're not so easy to acquire. In addition, they're brandable and usually come with a certain degree of inherent traffic. This tends to make them pretty sought after amongst the usual online startup crowd and business multitude alike.

April 23, 2018

Anomalous Online

Coming Soon

Explore the word "anomalous" on the internet and you'll be presented with a regalia of sites catering to various anomalous phenomena - or phenomena that falls outside of current understanding. In fact, there's an entire branch of science called anomalistics devoted to the study of scientific anomalies. The detection of anomalies from relevant data can be useful in fields such as computer science.

Anyway, as interesting as the aforementioned sounds, I'd like to take this site in a different direction. However, I'm still ironing out the details, so in the meantime, this place-setter will have to suffice. :)


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